Recent Buy : T.V. Today Network Ltd.

I have been working on few stocks to narrow down the best stock to put my money in for month of September 2017. In this month, market has been volatile and I have been watching the price of stocks going up and down erratically.

As an Investor I want to invest my hard earned money into High Quality Businesses. In my opinion good companies should be profitable every year and should be sharing their profits with the shareholders.

I am fortunate enough to find the company T.V. Today Network Ltd. for an attractive price after significant price drop recently, So I pulled the trigger and bought

37 Shares of T.V. Today Network Ltd. on Sep 6th 2017 for Rs 266.76 per Share

I just want to highlight some of the important stuff that is mentioned in their Annual report which helped me to pull the trigger.


T.V. Today Network Ltd. (TVTN) is an India-based Company engaged in broadcasting operations. Part of India Today group, the Company operates mainly in two segments namely television and radio broadcasting.
The Company operates four news channels namely

1. Aaj Tak
2. India Today
3. Tez
4. Dilli AajTak.

The Company also operates three FM radio stations under brand ISHQ 104.8 FM in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.


  • For year 2016-2017, Aaj Tak has maintained its Leadership among Hindi News Channels in the new Audience Measurement System BARC with a Market Share of 16.8%
  • India Today TV channel has consistently grown to become the No. 2 English News Channel with a Market Share of 22.7%
  • The Hindi News channel “Tez” from the Network has already left behind
    established news channels like NDTV India, India 24×7 and DD News with
    5.4% share in 2016-2017.
  • The Delhi focused channel from the Network – “Dilli Aaj Tak” is also delivering good ratings with a market share in Delhi of 3.1%
  • On standalone basis your Company’s revenue from operations for FY 2016-17 at `572.77 Crores has been higher by 5.67 % over last year (`542.02 Crores in FY 2015-16).
  • Profit before tax has been `162.02 Crores as compared to `113.75 Crores
    in the last year.
  • Profit after tax has been `107.88 Crores as compared to `60.84 Crores during the last year.


I don’t want to delve into any kind of analysis here as I am not SEBI certified Analyst. So I just highlighted some stuff the company mentioned in their Annual report.

Finally I felt T.V. Today Network Ltd. has solid free cash flow generation and good balance sheet and available for good price.I would love to add more shares from the company if the price comes down.

I will be adding this scrip to my portfolio as I invested Rs 9,868.98 for 37 Shares of T.V. Today Network Ltd.


P.S: Please click on T.V. Today Network Ltd. to download the annual report for year 2017



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Why middle class Indians are scared to invest in stocks?????

I have a question to the people who are between age group 25-35 years, Have you ever tried to tell your parents that you would be investing your hard earned money into Stocks???

I bet 99% of your parents would straight away think you are crazy or you are being conned by some stock broker who will usurp your savings. In the year 2006 I faced the same issue, I saved around Rs 100000 and wanted to invest that amount.

Then I asked my Father if I should invest that amount in stock market. He told me about some scary incidents where his close friends who traded stocks lost around 20-30 Lakh Rupees.

After hearing that, I didn’t even do due diligence on stock market. I simply came to a conclusion that if you invest your money into stock market then you will simply loose your money.

In India I guess there are 3 reasons why people lost their money in Stock Market.

  1. Lot of People Traded Stocks instead of Investing into them.
  2. Most of the people traded on rumors and tips, rather than facts.
  3. Lack of education on Stock Market and its instruments.

Later in 2010 I came to US on an onsite assignment. This event has changed my perspective on the stock market. My project Manager who is an American told me in a conversation that 52% of Americans invest their savings into stock market.

Then I was surprised and then I raised my apprehensions on investing savings in stock market. Then he asked me few simple questions.

  1. Are you a trader or investor?
  2. Why do you want to trade or why do you want to Invest?
  3. Did you learn about fundamental Analysis?
  4. Did you read an Annual report of a company?
  5. Do you have any idea on reading Profit/Loss statement, Balance sheet or cash-flow statement?

I told him I don’t know or I don’t have an answer to those questions. He smiled and told me that I am a lucky guy coz without any knowledge about stock market If I tried to trade or invest I would have lost my money.

So my guess is, we got scared of stock market because we didn’t know what we are going to face. So most of my parents generation stayed away from stock markets due to this and instead invested into Fixed deposits or Life insurance or Real estate.

I guess now is the time we need to overcome the fear of investing in stock market. We can overcome the fear only through education. There are lot of free articles on google who can educate on understanding stock market, Analyzing an Annual report etc.

One good example is StockEdge app. This is an excellent source for education on stock markets and analysis of a stock. They have very good videos which can give basic information on stock markets.

Feel free to include any other free Education links on stocks in comment section.

So, These are my thoughts. What about you guys? do you feel the same way????