Recent Buy : SUNPHARMA

From last one month, I have been trying to zero on a stock to kick-start my portfolio. First thing I did was, I logged onto  and went to a subpage called “Sector Scan” and filtered the result set by selecting ‘Quarter to Date’.


Then I observed 2 sectors were badly hit in this quarter.

  1. Tobacco
  2. Pharma

Tobacco sector is down by 13.41% and Pharma Sector is down by 5.52%.

So I thought let me begin my portfolio with Pharma Sector and started filtering pharma stocks based on the Market Cap. and Below are the Top 2 stocks I have on my screener.

  1. Sun Pharma  (1,18,333.82 Cr)
  2. Cadila Healthcare  (51,386.76 Cr)

I selected SUNPHARMA as it has highest Market Cap. and I started looking into the company’s annual reports and went through news feed about their quarterly results etc.

SUNPHARMA had a bad June Quarter and its stock price took a dive and from the reports I read I understood that one of the US subsidiary didn’t do well in their sales dept.

On bright side SUNPHARMA has good sales this quarter in India and rest of the world.

I read in their annual report that their specialty drugs are yet to bring profits.

I am gonna stop here coz If I deep dive into this then it will be another Stock analysis on SUNPHARMA.

So bottom-line,  I felt SUNPHARMA is a quality stock with quality products in pipeline and it is compelling enough for me to initiate a small position here and lets see how things move from here.

I purchased 10 Shares of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.(SUN PHARMA) on Aug 11th 2017 for Rs 457.74 per share.

So what are your thoughts on SUNPHARMA? is it undervalued? 

Thanks for reading!!!




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