Hello and welcome to “Stock ‘4’ Life”

I am Jay and This is my story of ongoing journey in the world of Investing & Personal Finance. My goal is to build a stock portfolio from scratch and I consider this portfolio to be a fund for my kids. I might not enjoy the fruits of this fund in this life but I expect my kids or grand-kids will reap the benefits of the fund.

I’m a 34 year old software engineer who lives in Hyderabad, India. I make an average salary w.r.t the norms of IT industry. I don’t have debt nor savings/investments, which I consider myself to be lucky compared to lot of other folks.

Recently I got hooked up with personal finance blogs and I felt like I am wasting lot of money on unwanted things rather that investing it into ‘Stocks’. Before going further let me tell you one thing, This blog will not give you any stock analysis or stock tips or recommendations.

This blog is just a journal of my financial actions. I intend to learn from my mistakes (which will happen) and grow as a person and set visible goals for myself and encourage others.