Income/Expenses for month of August 2017

This is my attempt to track each and every rupee I earn and spent. I would like to be accountable and this will help me to identify where I am spending more and see If I can try to reduce my spending and try to invest the balance amount.

Income for Month of August 2017

Job PaycheckRs 86,200
Other IncomeRs 0
Total IncomeRs 86,200


Expenses for month of August 2017

RentRs 25,000
Apartment MaintainanceRs 3000
Washing Machine EMI (12 months)Rs 4376
ElectricityRs 1100
DiapersRs 3840
PetrolRs 6000
MaidRs 3000
MilkRs 4000
GroceriesRs 8000
CableRs 250
Entertainment (Movies/Restaurants/Pubs)Rs 6000
School FeeRs 2500
InternetRs 1700
GymRs 1300
MobileRs 700
Wife'y Parlor expensesRs 2000
Misc. ExpensesRs 4000
Total ExpensesRs 76,762


So Total savings for this month comes to Rs 9438. In this I am planning to invest all the savings into Stock market. I am planning to buy a Stock in next 2 to 3 days and I would be posting the details of it in coming weeks.

When I deep dive into my Income/Expenses details, I am able to save 9.1% of my Total Income. Which I consider pretty bad, My Ideal target of saving’s percentage would be 20%.

Entertainment and Misc. Expenses are the categories where I can try to spend less. I will make plans in reducing the spending in coming months.

As my Maid is pretty inconsistent in attending the chores daily, wife’y and me thought It would be a good investment to buy a washing machine. So In August I bought a LG 9 kg Fully automatic Front load washing Machine . We bought this on my credit card for Rs 49,000. I have taken the option of EMI for 12 months.So I would be paying off around Rs 4376/month.

I guess these numbers reflect the expenses for most of the aam Junta. Overall I guess I made good choices in month of August, For e.g Starting the Blog, Investing in SUNPHARMA,etc..

So Guys how did you do in August??